If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction or mental health issues, then Recovery Circle can help.

From start to finish our national circle of treatment professionals, clinics, and therapists will provide the right 360°care.

We are dedicated to helping individuals, families, employers and those impacted by addiction and mental health related issues.

Our personalised case management approach to addressing addiction and mental health related issues means each person’s treatment is tailored to their circumstances, giving people the best chance of success. Supporting the individuals from start to finish, throughout their recovery journey.

You might not be the one who is suffering from an addiction or mental health issue, yet as a family member or employer you may be impacted. We offer advice, guidance and support to everyone affected by these issues, addressing their needs and improving well-being, one person & family at a time.

A confidential call to one of our treatment consultants is the first step into the Recovery Circle.

Who is Recovery Circle?

Recovery Circle is a private organisation run by qualified addiction & mental health treatment professionals – therapists, consultant psychiatrists and psychologists. We work closely with the individual and their family (where relevant) to create a clear and bespoke plan of action, giving them the highest chance of recovery.

What can I expect?

You can expect evidence-based addiction and mental health advice, treatment and recovery planning. We provide access to world class clinics, treatment services and engagement with support groups, allowing a truly bespoke treatment plan for each persons circumstances.

Recovery Circle can offer guidance and support with detoxification, treatment interventions, therapy, well-being, supported living, sober transport, re-integration, continuing care & much more.

Examples of addiction support we can offer.

Private Rehabilitation



Private Rehab Clinics Near You

As we work with a network of rehabilitation clinics and addiction treatment centres, we are able to look at your individual circumstances and identify possible treatment facilities near you. However, our priority will always be finding the service we feel would provide the best treatment programme and facilities to aid your recovery, whether this is a rehab clinic in the UK, or elsewhere in the world.

Here are some of the locations where clinic based treatment is available.


Here are some of the facilities we can offer within our treatment locations.

Swimming Pools
Luxury Rooms
Hidden Settings
Business Areas
Food Options


Program Completion Rate


The Recovery Circle case management approach to addiction treatment is a complete start to finish process. The speed of this process is down to an individuals circumstances.

Simply contacting addiction professionals like Recovery Circle is the first step towards recovery. All our conversations are handled with the strictest confidence and respect to the individuals affected.

We will assess the needs of the individual. This is completely bespoke and discusses areas such as: the addiction itself, personal circumstances, medical information, beliefs, family/employer requirements (if relevant), mental health & well-being. This is so our recommendations for recovery are bespoke and provide the best chance of success.

At this stage we will look at the recommended options, what therapy approaches we feel will work for you and your circumstances, the travel requirements (if relevant), how and when to begin the treatment.

This may include: Attending a residential or outpatient rehab clinic, medically supervised detoxification, individual and group therapy, psychological/psychiatric assessment; nutritional improvement and more.

The ongoing guidance & support offered to people leaving treatment can be a major factor in long-term results. At Recovery Circle, we are able to facilitate our patients with continuing care groups, affiliation with mutual-aid/self help groups, engagement with a specialist therapist, a sober companion or even admission into a sober living house/community.


Additional Services

Sometimes individuals do not manage to beat their addiction at the first attempt. There can be many reasons for this. The wrong treatment programme, clinic or relapse due to circumstances.

Repeatedly revisiting the same treatment is not advisable. Instead of seeking familiar surroundings it can be more helpful to find a new space with a different programme that helps you wit the process of breaking routines, rather than forming new ones.

Call Recovery Circle in confidence and discuss your previous treatment with our team of specialists. We’ll discover what hasn’t worked for you and help you find the next step in your path to a full recovery, including making an in-depth plan for any needed rehabilitation.

Self-help groups often specialise with specific treatment programmes – such as the 12-step style programmes – which may or may not be suited to your own needs.

We can help you find self-help groups that offer different treatment programmes based on your specific needs.

We work with treatment centres that involve family and partners appropriately in the treatment process. We also specifically work with rehab clinics that offer family therapy as part of their treatment options, so that everyone affected can receive the best possible support during recovery.

Sober coaching & companionship covers addictive and compulsive behaviours, helping individuals to recognise and deal with triggers in a positive way. This a bespoke service is carefully tailored to the client’s needs.

Sober coaching meets the client in various stages of recovery from addiction to day to day life. From positively acclimatising to sobriety or facing everyday challenges, individuals can often feel rudderless after leaving treatment. Returning to normal life can be a difficult transition for some.

Sober Companion service is akin recovery support on-the-go. This service can be used by peoples who have relapsed on several occasions and who want guidance in grounding their sobriety in real life situations which otherwise would have lead them to their compulsive /impulsive behaviours.

The sessions can be conducted in person, Skype, Facetime, or telephone, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Most sessions typically last 60 minutes with daily email or phone support.

Diet, sleep and good self-care are a platform on which recovery is built.  Complementary treatments that enhance health and wellbeing are powerful additions to any recovery plan.

A wide range of complementary therapies are available at our network of centres & clinics. Yoga, massage, mindfulness meditation and Tai Chi are particularly popular approaches that enhance wellbeing in recovery.

When choosing a treatment centre it is beneficial to select one that provides access to complementary treatments.  Some approaches might not work for you, but be open-minded and explore options

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